A Creative Approach To Building Wealth

We provide money management for investors who seek unconventional results.


Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Co.

Since 1987, Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Co. has served clients in money management by digging deep to discover information that is valuable but widely overlooked. Our experience, our passion, and our edge, we believe, are managing positions in stocks based on our ability to identify information about publicly traded companies that is widely misunderstood yet financially rewarding.

We prefer to ignore the noise of the crowd, using our experience and extensive research to guide our investment decisions.

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We do more than simple research

We not only do all of our own research and due diligence, we actively visit and speak with senior management of publicly traded companies and perform rigorous analysis. Our investments are selected based on a company’s sustainable competitive advantage.

By going one step deeper than standard analysis, we’re able to offer our clients a unique perspective on the market.


How We Are Different

We provide our clients with an experience that meets their needs and a personal service that respects the importance of our relationship with them. We deliver information and clarity by being transparent and open. Our team is highly accessible and responsive and ready to help you at all times.