Chief Financial Accountant

Jenny Moreno

Autobiography: Proud Oklahoma State University Alumni, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration majoring in Finance with a minor in Energy Finance and Accounting. Previous work experience in the banking industry which helped sharpen my critical thinking skills required to take on my current position successfully. As the Chief Financial Accountant, I oversee all aspects of the company’s financial needs ranging from budget management to preparing financial reports.

As much as I am committed to my work and can get lost in the job, creating a healthy work-life balance is very important for me. I enjoy disconnecting from the world and technology at least for a couple of hours once a week by going hiking at Turkey Mountain, Nature Falls, or any other of the many hiking trails in Oklahoma. When our life is continuously about being connected to keep up with the latest news, it can become very overwhelming, so I have started to include yoga or some form of workout into my daily life as a form of meditation and stress reliever.

Finding an outlet to help minimize stress has been a valuable studying tool in my journey of becoming a CFA Charter holder.