Executive Vice President, Business Development

David Hancin

My name is Dave Hancin. I am pleased to tell you that on June 29, 2020 I joined the Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Co. as Executive Vice President. Tulsa has been my home for 25 years. Nancy, my wife, who is a nurse at the St. Francis Health System, and I live in Midtown, very near to Cascia Hall, from which my two children, Dylan and Natasha graduated, and where I am a past board member. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in marketing and management from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan...

I began my career with Baxter Healthcare in Chicago. In the last ten years I have led businesses for Dentsply Sirona, a global vertically integrated dental parts manufacturer and distributor for the global dentistry profession listed on Nasdaq with 2019 revenues of $4.0B, most recently I was President of private equity owned manufacturer of medical devices.

I came to Tulsa in 1995. My assignment was with the Samson Companies, one of the largest privately held energy companies in N. America. I was hired to turn around and accelerate the growth of a division of this company, Samson Industrial ($60M) and prepare it for eventual sale. Over my 35 year career, I have enjoyed career success and driven exceptional results in organizations from startup to units of $4.5B, global companies. I have led private equity and publicly held businesses. For the last 25 years, I have had full P & L responsibility. My success has been achieved in multiple industries, including – Healthcare, Industrial Distribution, Building Materials, and Medical devices. I believe I fully understand the dynamics to address in optimizing a business’s financial performance. Beyond the technical aspects of managing the financial success of a business, lies the real art, which is to develop and inspire teams of people who are aligned on strategy, and supported by a great culture.

I was attracted to the firm that Fred Russell has built because I have seen that Fred knows how to engage with the firm’s clients. He respects our clients and has true affection for them. I am excited to be a part of a firm that demands from itself excellence on all fronts, communication of the greatest clarity with its clients and, in the case of an investment management firm, good investment results. My friendship with Fred Russell goes back a long way, more than twenty years, with the friendship enhanced as a client of the Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Co for twelve years. I have seen the strength of the work ethic, the integrity, and the intellect that has driven the firm. Most importantly, I have seen the intellect behind the results, and the affection and respect that this firm has for its clients. We have a great culture here.

I will be responsible for ensuring consistent excellence in service to our clients as well as leading the growth of The Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Co. Finally, an important note- there are three reasons why I have remained a client of Fred’s for many years. The first is that working with Fred is far different that working with your typical financial services company. With Fred you receive a level of customer service and personal care that is exceptional and unique- he and his team are always available and accessible. You are far more than a customer; you are a valued client. Secondly, Fred and his team apply a level of rigorous evaluation and analysis of investment opportunities that exceeds your typical firm- he is hands on and involved. Thirdly, Fred has been a primary reason for the building of my personal wealth- he delivers above market returns year in and year out. With the Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Co., you have a business partner in your wealth management, and one who is distinguished by service, expertise/experience, and results. My role is to enhance this experience which I believe is already far above other firms.

I am excited to be on the team, and look forward to meeting or speaking with you as we move forward, together.