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Fredric E. Russell’s Autobiography

Before we go any further, let’s get the credentials out of the way. I graduated from the Deerfield Academy in 1961 and the Swarthmore College in 1965. MBA in finance in 1972 from Washington University in St. Louis and passed the uniform CPA examination in 1978. I list all these names because some people may think that they are impressive brand names but they mean nothing without good investment results and investment results are never good without common sense strategies as the foundation. So read on to see whether what we do makes sense to you.

Author’s note

The following autobiography reflects the psyche of a highly ambitious and probably not very modest, only child condition to compete at high levels. This autobiography may be too long for a quick read, it is advised to brew a strong pot of coffee and to consume three cups of it before reading the entire text.

I was born in New York City on February 17, 1944. I was an only child. I do not know whether my parents planned to have only one child, but I am guessing that, after listening to my mother’s complaints about my stubborn, recalcitrant nature and after some years of negotiating with me, applying all the psychological behavioral techniques sanctioned by child learning experts and child development experts, my parents must have thrown up their hands in despair, and reconciled themselves to their fate of incessant struggle--with some moments of intense delight and pleasure--and correctly concluded that some battles were not worth fighting. Some battles could only yield--even if won--only the scantiest of rewards—and would, if wisdom not ego were to be exercised---be left unfought.

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David Hancin

Executive Vice President, Business Development

My name is Dave Hancin. I am pleased to tell you that on June 29, 2020 I joined the Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Co. as Executive Vice President. Tulsa has been my home for 25 years. Nancy, my wife, who is a nurse at the St. Francis Health System, and I live in Midtown, very near to Cascia Hall, from which my two children, Dylan and Natasha graduated, and where I am a past board member. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in marketing and management from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan...

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Alaina Hall

Chief Compliance Officer

Having grown up in Oklahoma, OSU was my first choice for college. I graduated from the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in finance. During my college career, I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and Lima, Peru. I toured wineries and hiked Machu Picchu, explored archaeological sites and wondered through museums, visited businesses and enjoyed the culture. Once I got a taste of travelling, I knew I couldn’t stop. I plan to do more travelling with my family in the future so that we can enjoy those experiences together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between clients and the firm?

Clients sign a limited power of attorney authorizing us to buy and sell securities on their behalf.

How do you compare to hedge funds?

We are not a hedge fund. We do not go short, borrow money to take positions, or invest in financial derivatives of any kind.

Do you have any conflicts of interest?

We perform no investment banking services. We perform no brokerage services. We manage money for our employees and officers using the publicly traded companies that comprise the portfolios that we manage for our clients.

What is your fee structure?

Equities: 1.00 percent per annum, billed 0.25 percent every three months.

What is your investment reporting schedule?

For every investment activity in your account, you will receive next day confirmation from Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as well as a monthly statement of holdings. We send a performance report at the end of the calendar year.

How do you allocate your portfolio?

At any one time, we hold no more than thirty companies in our portfolio.

What is your area of specialization?

Creative thinking and investing in United States common stocks, publicly traded companies whose global headquarters are in the United States.

Who is your broker and custodian?

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., BOK Financial Corporation execute all purchases and sales and hold all client securities.

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